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The best cooling Face Masks to wear this season

NE Business Desk Spring is in the air—and hotter temps are around the corner. Even as more people get vaccinated, face mask mandates due to the coronavirus pandemic are alive and well. And they are making our faces hotter. Everyone and their mother is in the market for a cooling, breathable mask or neck gaiter […]

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Weekly Special: Hazi Makhan Biryani, “A 70-Year-Old briyani house in Old Dhaka”

NE Feature Correspondent Biriyani has been a dominating cuisine particularly in Dhaka for a long time. Introduced by the Mughal rulers, Biriyani, originally a Persian cuisine. Biryani is alwyas a favourite menu of food lovers and when it is within the price range of the food lovers, then there is no question. In terms of […]

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Why mobile data speed in digital Bangladesh is worse than Ethiopia or Somalia

NE Business Correspondent Bangladesh lags behind India or Pakistan in terms of mobile internet speed. Afghanistan is the only country in South Asia that has slower internet than Bangladesh. In this case, the situation in Bangladesh is worse than Ethiopia and Somalia, which are known as the poorest countries in Africa. The World Index of […]

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Amazon just dropped its incredible weekend deals—here’s everything worth buying

NE Business Desk The weekend is finally here, which means it’s time to kick off your shoes, sink into your favorite chair (or the couch, or your bed) and shop all the can’t-miss sales. There’s no need to leave your home to snag the best savings — in fact, there’s no need to even navigate […]

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A 104 year-old who got the Pfizer vaccine recovered in time for her lobster lunch birthday party

NE World Desk Just before her 104th birthday, Edna Dibble got one of the best gifts anyone could ask for these days: her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Dibble, a resident of a Maplewood senior living community in Massachusetts, spoke with Insider about her experience getting vaccinated. Although the first shot slowed her down […]

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The Maldives Emerges as a COVID-Safe Haven for Style and Design Lovers

NE Feature Desk With overwater villas surrounded by turquoise lagoons, pristine beaches, and ultra-luxurious resorts that let you live out fantasies of being a castaway on a deserted island, the Maldives is a dream destination by any standards, but since the country reopened to international tourism last July, it has emerged as one of the […]

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This Double-Decker Luxury Camper Has a Built-In Elevator and Space for a Yoga Studio

NE Auto Desk When camper makers want to add space to a trailer, the solution is usually the same: They make it longer. But one Chinese automaker is taking a decidedly different approach to solving that conundrum. Instead of adding a second axil, the SAIC Maxus is adding a second level. The Life Home V90 […]

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Consumer reports Names top car picks for 2021, three are from one company

NE Auto Desk Consumer Reports has come out with its annual list of the 10 models that it believes are the best choices in a variety of categories. The publication makes these picks by using both internal tests and survey results. Also, earning a spot requires the model coming standard with a forward collision warning […]

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This 180-day global cruise is at least $41,600 a person and sold out in one day – see what it will be like on board

NE Travel Desk On January 27, Oceania Cruises opened bookings for its 180-day long cruise set for 2023. The trip then sold out within a day. The COVID-19 pandemic may have halted cruise sailings in the US, but that’s not stopping people from booking future trips, even if the voyages are almost two years out. […]